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Denizli Foster Care Assocation

Denizli Foster Family Association was established in 2009 with the mission of preparing every child for life who needs to be protected in a secure family-based and lovely environment.


Our Association perceives the right of the child as supporting to grow up in freedom and dignity conditioned environment that enables socially, mentally, morally, psychologically and physically healthy growing. 


Our main mission is to sustain the care of the foster child within international standards. For this purpose, we aim to spread the foster family system locally and nationally, prepare the candidate foster parents for the process by the help of sharing feelings and experiences, increasing the quality of the foster family system by supporting the parents and children in the system.   


Our Association actively participates in local, national and international studies; perform projects with the NGOs related with child rights from Turkey, Holland, Czech Republic and Lithuania and tries to create a national network to reach its purposes.


Moreover, our Association prepared a draft law and submitted to Family and Social Policies Ministry to settle the foster family system’s legal structure into strong ground. 

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