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What is a foster family?

Foster family is a suitable family or a person who can take the burden of the social responsibility they feel by sharing the education, foster and bringing up responsibilities of children who do not have the opportunity to live with their own families because of various reasons. People may be a foster family for either a short or long term on an either paid or volunteer basis; and the system includes its own state control mechanisms.

Where do the children live in foster family system?

Being a foster family does not mean to harbor the children at weekends or in holidays. The kids you foster live with you in your home.

Is it a must to be married to become a foster family?

It is not an obligation to be married to become a foster family. Social specialists should approve that you have a suitable life style.

Who is the warden of the child in the system?

The warden of the child is his/her biological parents.

What is the minimum income to become a foster family?

You do not need to earn much to become a foster family. The extent of the love in your heart is sufficient.

What are the monetary responsibilities of a foster family?

There is no monetary burden of the children in the foster family system. All their expenses are met by the state in Turkey.

Are the children in the foster family system an orphan?

Children in the system are not orphan. They have their biological parents.

The children in the system see their biological families in periods determined by the social service specialists.

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