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Foster Family Concept

Children should grow in a family which will protect, love, support and give confidence to them and meet their social and monetary needs for a healthy growth.

In foster family system, children who are under state protection and cannot live with their biological parents, are fostered by another family for a short or long period.

Who can become a foster family in Turkey?

You should meet the criteria listed below to become a foster family in Turkey;

Turkish citizens,

Accommodate in Turkey constantly

Minimum 25, maximum 65-year-old

Have at least elementary education

Have no physical and psychological health problems

Have no criminal records

Have regular income

You should not be the biological parent or warden of the child

You may either be married or single to become a foster family if you meet the above mentioned criteria.

You can express your preferences about the age, gender and health conditions of the child you would like to foster during your application. If the applicant is considered eligible to be a foster family according to the results of the enquiry handled by Social Services, then the person or family meets the child/children according to their demands.

All the expenses of each fostered child, including fostering, education (transportation, private courses) and health are met by state institutions.

A foster family can have more than one child; girl or boy, healthy or handicapped.

What do foster families do?

They live together with the children they foster.

They should ensure the physical and emotional growth of the children they foster as well as supporting them in their development according to their abilities.

They should put the children they foster in touch with their biological families according to the schedule approved by Family and Social Policies Provincial Directorate.

They should attend the training activities organized by Family and Social Policies Provincial Directorate.

Foster families are monitored and audited in at least every three months to ensure the benefits and health of the children they foster.

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