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Foster care system, formed for the sake of having a healthy social structure. It has been determined by scientific researches that foster parents compared with institutional care providers are more moderate, rewarding and child-oriented in communication with children. Also, foster care system prevents the social exclusion of children in their future life.


Considering the experiences and scientific data, many countries trying to adopt family-based system. Therefore, As 3 NGOs and an institution all experienced, well equipped and researchers organizations in the field of fostering, constitute the base of the Project going to work on this project with these aims:


In this project our first and most important aim is to educate foster families by means of art therapy,recreation therapy and other methods that will be used by our psychologists and experts in this field in order to make adaptation process easy and healty both for families and children.


-To specify  problems related to foster families in Project partners' countries and work on these. -to improve the quality of fostercare service model and family education to provide quality. - to provide better understanding about fostering in society and solving problems by using communication tools. -to specify the needs of foster families, education of families to provide better opportunities to children. -to help fostercare families for the adaptation process. -to contact related institutions if fostercare families need.- to enhance the awareness in society about fostering and tell the process for fostering. To organize different recreation activities for foster families -to enhance the number and the quality of foster families.


3 NGOs and institution working in this field will be the partners of this project;1-Rodinné a komunitní centrum Chaloupka works for Foster Families;strengthening family values and intergenerational relations, the role of parents, maternal and paternal roles in society,support legal protection of the family, motherhood and equal opportunities for all, support the reconciliation of work and family life, development of social work. 2-Vaikų gerovės centras ,,Pastoge". Vaikų gerovės centras is collecting, generalizing practical work, other institutions and countries practices, innovations, sharing knowledge by cooperating with other institutions, doing trainings with the purpose to raise qualification of workers. 3-Pleegzorg Oost-Vlaanderen v.z.w. from Belgium is a sub organization of one of the most developed, well organized, and experienced umbrella organization in the field of fostering in the World.4-DEKAD as coordinator organization is the most active foster care organization in its own region and even in the whole country. DEKAD participated in many conferences in many  conferences in Turkey and also five conferences in International level.


 Our target group will be present foster families. They will be involved in education activities directly. They will be educated about recognising the trauma and resolution of this. Our staff ,psychologists,social service experts will take active role for education process. Candidate foster families will be involved in activities and also, they will be in contact with foster families and other candidates for long years by network of project. Stakeholders,other related NGOs,institutions,local and national authorities will be informed regul

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