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Rodinné a komunitní centrum Chaloupk

Family and community center Chaloupka was founded 2.11.2004. Now RKC Chaloupka has 30 members, 35 staff, 5 volunteers and every year we are working with 600 families and 60 foster families. RKC Chaloupka is a civic not-for-profit organisation whose aims are to support the families.

Our centre offers a wide range of services for families, such as seasonal and cultural events, educational courses, psychological training activities, Montessori courses, or lectures and seminars for parents, services and education for foster parents, preventive programmes for families in risk (socialy disadvantage environment). We offer a daily activity programme, provide a place to meet, enable people to get to know  one another and exchange information and experience. We network closely with similar NGO´s, state and other organisations and businesses in the local region and also national level.

We are authorized by the social and legal protection of children and according to the amendment of the Act on Social and Legal Protection of Children we are authorized to conclude agreements on foster care.

The purpose of our organization is to accomplish the goals and objectives as:

- strengthening family values and intergenerational relations, the role of parents, maternal and paternal roles in society

- support legal protection of the family, motherhood and equal opportunities for all

- promotion of healthy life style in a healthy environment

- support the reconciliation of work and family life

- promotion of multicultural environment

- development of social work and community involvement in the activities of the public life of the families in the Moravian-Silesian Region

Members of project team have longstanding experiences with the european projects on both national and international level (former LLP programme, EU Structural funds, Equal, Daphne). But, Family and community center Chaloupka has no experience in Erasmus projects.

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